Packing materials - Care and Protection for your belongings

At La Romana Self-Storage we want to provide the best environment for your belongings. We pride ourselves on being able to offer packaging material that protect and help look after your goods both in storage and in transit.

You can buy all essential packing materials through us. You will find those under the categories below.

Boxes - All our boxes are produced from special strong cardboard, which you can use for storing heavy items. We stock a wide variety of sizes and types of boxes for storing clothes, documents etc. Our boxes can be easily stored on top of each other, which will maximise the space to store all your belongings.

Bubble wrap & Blankets - Use our wide range of protection materials to keep your belongings safe. You can choose from many types of furniture covers, bubble wrap, paper protection or high quality blankets. We will gladly advise you on the type of protection you should use.

We aim to provide you with a complete range of packing materials.