What is La Romana self-storage? 

La Romana Self-Storage provides secure do-it-yourself storage rooms for private and business customers for short or long term requirements. 

You can store practically anything, almost regardless of size, from filing cabinets to fish tanks, Christmas decorations to computers, beds to bicycles, granny's china to garden furniture - as long as it's not flammable, perishable or illegal.

You can rent your own clean, dry, private, self-contained storage room ranging from 14 m3 to 22 m3. Our storage facilities offer sophisticated 24 hour security including a personal access code system which allows you access 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our system ensures that you have total control over who enters your storage room. 

Unlike traditional or containerized storage, La Romana Self-Storage gives you immediate "walk-in" access to your storage room without any additional charges, however frequently you visit.